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When FemDom and FLR meets real life

Refreshing real perspectives on how the dynamic and lifestyle work in real life rather than the unrealistic fantasies that are prominent in most portrayals of the dynamics.

Refreshing real life take on FLR's

Krystine's FLR podcast is an amazing look at the real life aspect of a loving FLR. Krystine and her subby (hubby) cover what a FLR looks like in real life, not the porn driven fantasy. It is a wonderful breath of fresh air and it demonstrates that a couple, in a loving, committed relationship can live this type of lifestyle. You can tell their relationship is rock solid and that they both truly love and highly respect each other and have fun with each other. It is highly evident that they have a highly evolved relationship and their communication skills are next level. They have the type of relationship I long for and truly hope to find someday soon. I anxiously await each new episode and listen as soon as they drop. Thank you Krystine and subby for such an amazing podcast. Please keep up the good work and lets drag this lifestyle out into normality.


This is a refreshing view and i applaud both You and Your subby for the refreshing views on the lifestyle! i am a happily owned sub myself and feel a real connection to what You say. Very well done my friends!

REAL and HONEST!!! Listen and soak it in!

I absolutely love the view inside this real life couple and how they balance everything that comes with an FLR! The way they are able to open up and speak with such honesty is outstanding! I highly recommend listening to the fabulous way they talk about explaining the vast wide range of options and how porn is the last place you should go for understanding the dynamics of an FLR. AWESOME SHOW!

Very real, very nice people.

I love this podcast! She has a great attitude and a voice that is easy on the ears. (I love the Minnesota accent!). This is not a porn podcast. Femdom porn probably delayed my acceptance of an FLR due to some of the more severe aspects presented. But they teach you how there is no right or wrong way to do this. As long as there is communication and respect and understanding, you won’t screw it up. This is the most down to earth and authentic podcast, (on any subject), that I have ever heard. Thank you for helping to guide my Wife and i on this incredible journey!

Worth every second

I think the entirety of all the podcast I have listened to so far have been incredibly engaging the whole way through and very informative and easy to digest. I would 1000% recommend to give this a listen.

Great episode

Good to hear a couple discuss this subject, cuckholding, with their personal experience included. Very honest and human!!


Great podcast.... been addicted since I listened to the first one.... as being a truck driver I have a lot of time for listening

Well Done!

Just a quick shout out to say awesome job! I stumbled onto your show during a long drive and I’m hooked. I love the plain speak, emphasis on communication and willingness to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly. For your first venture into podcasts, you really hit it out of the park. Best of luck on your continued success!

Real life

Amazing journey of a married couple finding their way together.

FLR and Chastity FTW

As a submissive and under endowed man, this podcast is AMAZING for me. It really helps put the lifestyle in perspective especially for someone who’s alone with it like I am. Krystine is poignant and precise with her interpretation of the lifestyle while constantly reminding you that the lifestyle is about preference and however it works for you is exactly how it should be. She has a deep, sexually enticing voice which makes it difficult not to remove my cage every night when I get home. 10/10 would recommend.

New Fan

This is a wonderful podcast. I've been listening continually every since I discovered the podcast. I love that the topics are presented with humility and humor. I'm very much interested in your coaching classes. BTW, I wanted to pound my dashboard in the car when Michael C was talking about how he discovered the lifestyle topics as a young person. I'm not alone! God bless you and your family.

New Fan

This is a great podcast with heaps of great straight from the hip discussions of female led relationships. Krystine very candidly shares about her relationship with her husband where she takes the lead. As a bonus she has a fantastic radio voice. This one is on my don’t miss list.

I love the candidness and down to earth vibe

Very nice feeling overall for the episodes. However the episodes are too short and the commercials too long. Hopefully you can strike a balance with it.