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March 8, 2021

EP: 0128 - Female Led Relationships - FLR Refresher Chat

EP: 0128 - Female Led Relationships - FLR Refresher Chat

Let's have a little refresher talk about FLRs. I've gotten a good handful of emails over the last month or so from LOVELY women who tell me that their "sub" males have been pressuring them into this type of relationship. However, when push comes to shove, the "sub" males are not "sub" at all. So, it sucks the confidence out of the LOVELY women, and the relationship becomes contentious at best. Folks, baby steps. and after the first few steps you BOTH aren't fully on board, maybe walk away. Now, this takes time, but you should have signs almost right away whether the journey will be worth it. DO NOT start with whips and chains and spankings. FUCK SAKES! START WITH COMMUNICATION!!!!!!

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